What is jBuilder?

jBuilder is a plugin library for jQuery which allows developers to make interfaces quickly and efficiently with little to no HTML to write. The plugin works by taking advantage of existing functionality within jQueryUI and various other plugins to create an all in one package for developers to make fully functional interfaces. The developer writes the interface as a JSON object which the framework turns into HTML and runs the necessary code to render the appropriate options.

Why develop jBuilder?

Working for a company that developed apps primarily with ExtJS for its ability to create consistant, uniform interfaces, and jQuery on the side for its utility functionality, I was torn between that and my experience developing interfaces in jQuery. But understandably, what jQuery lacked was just that, uniformity. While I've found some developers are actively trying to port jQuery's useful functionality to ExtJS, I realized, why not do the same for jQuery? So with that I started this project where I am porting the useful functionalities from ExtJS into jQuery.